AI Weekly Rewind: December 15th, 2023 – From Code Commandos to Healthcare Heroes

, Long Tall Investing

Hold onto your neural networks, folks, because the past week in the AI realm has been a category 5 data storm! From mind-blowing generative tools to ethical reckonings, the news cycle has been crammed with developments that promise to reshape our world like a rogue T-1000 on a sculpting spree. So, grab your favorite protein shake (DeepMind approved, of course) and let’s dive into the Mariana Trench of these groundbreaking headlines:

Generative Giants Throw Down the Gauntlet:

  • Google AI (GOOG) unleashes Imagen Video, your personal Spielberg in a silicon box. Imagine crafting a sci-fi epic shot on Mars or a heartwarming rom-com set in a cat cafe – all powered by the magic of text-to-video alchemy. Imagen Video doesn’t just generate visuals, it conjures up entire cinematic universes, complete with lighting, camera angles, and even a hint of that Spielbergian lens flare. Prepare for a democratization of filmmaking, where anyone with a keyboard and a dream can become the next Scorsese (minus the Italian temper, hopefully).
  • OpenAI, the AI brainchild backed by the tech overlord Microsoft (MSFT), counters with Jukebox 10k, the musical maestro on steroids. This ain’t your grandma’s music box – Jukebox 10k can churn out anything from Beethoven’s Fifth to a Cardi B banger, and everything in between. Imagine personalized playlists composed on the fly, tailored to your mood or the weather outside. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not co-create with Jukebox? You hum a melody, it builds the rest – a true AI-powered musical collaboration.

Coding Gets a Supercharged Ally:

  • GitHub (GH) kicks coding into overdrive with Copilot Premium, the paid upgrade that’s like having a coding Yoda on your shoulder. Forget Stack Overflow rabbit holes – Copilot Premium anticipates your programming needs, suggesting code snippets, entire functions, and even witty comments to make your code reviewer smile. Debugging sessions become a distant memory, replaced by a zen-like flow of productivity. No wonder some developers are calling it the “secret weapon” of coding.
  • But the coding party doesn’t stop there! Tabnine, the AI autocomplete whisperer (still privately held, for now), joins the fray, bringing its magic to JetBrains IDEs. Now, PyCharm and WebStorm users can get context-aware suggestions and code completion that feels like telepathy. Imagine writing code so clean and efficient, it’ll make your compiler purr with satisfaction. Brace yourselves for a coding arms race, where IDEs become battlegrounds of AI-powered productivity.

AI Champions Inclusivity:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) shines a light on inclusivity with Project InnerSpeech, the voice-controlled communication tool that gives a voice to those who need it most. This game-changer interprets facial expressions and subtle head movements, translating them into speech commands. Imagine a world where people with limited mobility can communicate effortlessly, participate in conversations, and express themselves freely. Project InnerSpeech isn’t just technology, it’s a bridge built with empathy and innovation.
  • Google AI (GOOG) brings the magic of storytelling to the visually impaired with Talk to Books, a revolutionary tool that lets you converse directly with the characters you love. Picture yourself having a philosophical chat with Gandalf the Grey or swapping baking tips with Mrs. Dalloway. Talk to Books adds a whole new dimension to the reading experience, blurring the lines between reader and character. Get ready for a future where books come alive, not just on screen, but in your mind.

Healthcare Gets an AI Makeover:

  • DeepMind (GOOG subsidiary) cracks the protein code with AlphaFold, a system that unlocks the secrets of life’s building blocks. This breakthrough accurately predicts the intricate structures of proteins, paving the way for personalized medicine and targeted therapies. Imagine doctors designing drugs tailored to your unique genetic makeup, or researchers simulating diseases in silico to find cures faster than ever before. AlphaFold isn’t just a scientific marvel, it’s a potential lifesaver.
  • Babylon Health (BABYLON.L), the UK’s AI-powered healthcare pioneer, crosses the pond to the US. Their personalized health assistant promises convenient access to medical guidance and expertise, bringing the doctor’s office directly to your smartphone. Imagine skipping the waiting room and getting quick diagnoses, treatment plans, and even mental health support, all from the comfort of your couch. Babylon Health is on a mission to democratize healthcare, and the US is their next frontier.